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Monday, January 2, 2012

Finding God, A New Book by Cheryl Rogers, Slated for Release

John 3:16 Marketing Network member Cheryl Rogers is planning the release of a book which lays out the biblical path to salvation. Called Finding God: Biblical Answers to Questions about Our Maker, the book targets those who question God's existence, who pray and feel their prayers are unanswered, and those who find church empty and meaningless.

"I went to church for many years without knowing God," Cheryl says, "and so I understand firsthand how alone and desperate we can feel without a relationship with God. This book is intended to help people connect with God and build that relationship."

The book was inspired when Cheryl read some literature online and recognized how vulnerable people are to lies about God. "It was pretty convincing stuff. But having a relationship with God makes all the difference. He protects us from becoming prey to the devil's lies."

Finding God: Biblical Answers to Questions about Our Maker answers critical questions about God including: Is God real, who is God, what does God expect of us, where can we find God, and how to accept the gift of salvation. It is slated for release in late January in multiple ebook formats.

"I am looking for partners who will help me reach those who can be blessed by this book," Cheryl says, "specifically those who will run press releases, pray for the success of this book, and spread the word in whatever way they can."

Cheryl came to know the Lord later in life through a severe immune disorder, Environmental Illness. When she was truly able to surrender her life to God, he healed her and changed her life. A former newspaper reporter and desktop publisher, Cheryl is now dedicated to sharing the knowledge of God in whatever way she can, through fiction and non-fiction books for readers of all ages, through her original Scripture posters, cards, mugs, mousepads, and tees; and through Scripture songs God has given her.

Among her other books are Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook, a 40-lesson devotions book aimed at new and young Christians; Just Like Jonah Wail Tales, a short story collection for preteens and teens; and Making Choices: Life is Like Acorns, a Bible study for 5 to 10-year-olds.

Cheryl publishes New Christian Books Online Magazine which helps authors promote their writing through book announcements, excerpts, and feature articles. The magazine includes a storefront open to author submissions and an affiliate program offering 15 percent commission.

"It is my goal to provide a medium for writers called by God who may be having trouble publishing their work, connecting with readers, and selling their books," says Cheryl. "Often this requires an extensive investment. And so article posting and digital/print product submission at New Christian Books are free."

New Christian Books gets 35 percent of the actual sale price goes to New Christian Books; 15 percent goes to the sales affiliate who brought the customer.

Visit the magazine at Contact Cheryl at

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