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Friday, November 4, 2011

Letters to God on a Prodigal Son Book Launch Nov. 8th

This Tuesday Nov. 8th, the long awaited book launch for Letters to God... will take place. Many FREE gifts and prizes will be awarded as well as a chance to win gift cards to some of your favorite stores. I've been contacting everyone on the network since this summer and it's not too late to join in! Just post this blog, facebook or tweets I've sent to the forum and posted on our group page.Here is the link for the FREE gifts and landing page information.

Letters to God, on a Prodigal Son—Overcoming Addiction Through Prayer is the poignant, true story of a parent's journey through the minefield of her adult child's addiction. This book will help you find peace in the midst of your tsunami and the secret to victorious prayer! Letters to God is a powerful journal packed with prayers, practical advice and key spiritual insights. It will help unlock the secrets to successful prayer, not only for those dealing with prodigals, but for anyone facing their own storm.

1. Tell me about your newest book, Letters to God, on a Prodigal Son?

This power packed journal and guide was birthed from the painful passage I experienced while navigating the minefield of my son’s addiction. I kept a diary that contained many insightful prayers, letters, and scriptures that I thought would help others navigate the turbulent waters of a prodigal’s addiction, so I worked on transforming it into a book. I added two sections, Lessons Learned and Suggestions that I thought would further help others to avoid some of the pitfalls I experienced, while offering a lifeline of hope. At the time my son was going through this terrible ordeal, I couldn’t find any Christian books on the subject that gave practical and spiritual, not textbook, advice. Letters to God, on a Prodigal Son was designed to fit this need. It’s filled with the heart-felt letters and prayers of a mother, key spiritual insights and practical advice. My desire in writing this book is to help others and minister to them though this true life story.

2. What did you learn from this experience?
I learned that God is faithful even when we’re not, even when we get mad at Him and don’t understand what he’s doing. God wants us to draw near to Him and cast ALL our concerns, cares, worries and anxieties on Him. He has very big shoulders to carry our burdens and for us to lean on and even weep upon. I also learned that God is true to His word. You can believe His promises as long as you understand them, have faith and continue to trust God with the outcome. I also learned that it’s very important to surrender your prodigal to God. That’s the best place for them.

3. What one issue ignites your passion?
Prayer and an intimate relationship with God are my two deepest passions. I want others to know how much God really cares for us and wants to know us. He gives us so many great gifts nestled in His promises. I want others to know how they can avail themselves of these treasures and go deeper with God. It is my desire to help others who face life’s challenges to know and understand how they can be victorious—in Jesus.

Here are some great reviews on Amazon. Some of them from our own John 3:16 members:

Letters to God on a Prodigal Son not only shares insights into the spiritual realm and explains the war that is waged against our children's souls, but Author Anita Estes teaches, how through prayer, faith and worship, one can be victorious over the powers of evil that hold our children in bondage. This journal accompanied with the lessons learned is a powerful tool for any parent finding themselves in similar circumstances.

This practical book will lift your faith and encourage you in your fight for your child's life. Throughout the entries, faith-filled prayers are included that are based on the scriptures to assist you in your battle. Understanding the spiritual realm, this mother shares how prayer and worship are some of your most powerful weapons to be waged in this war.

Addiction is rampant in our country, seizing our children and adults alike, dragging them into the darkest pit. In this book, God's hand is not so short that He cannot pull anyone from the deepest pit of despair of addiction and set them free. A triumphant story of faith tested in the fire of affliction, this book is recommended for anyone with a family member struggling with the stranglehold of addiction.

This book will greatly increase your faith and helps others to stand firm in their faith. A genuine love of prayer will be ignited within your soul with this book, learn how to come close to God through prayer, petition and worship. This book is proof positive that God is a Mighty Deliverer and is still in the business of answering the prayers of the faithful. Truly He has the power to work all things out for good.
A highly recommend read and a wonderfully written book, witness the transformation of a mother who felt helpless to help her son, but turns to God and never lets go. Watch her faith grow and her son find freedom, redemption and deliverance. This true story will touch your heart and give you the faith to keep holding on. This book is truly a triumphant and wonderful testimony to the saving power of God and the power of prayer. Thank you Anita Estes for sharing your story and writing this book. CBM Book Reviews

Estes' writing is straightforward, fluent and easy to read, so much so that I was tempted to rush through the book (it's a page turner) without taking time to grasp the seriousness and depth of the narrative.
The final outcome is proof positive that God does answer prayers, but not before Estes, her husband, who himself is battling self-esteem issues, and their two other children come out of denial and face the reality that their loved one is a drug addict and needs to be treated with the tough love that eventually helps in Ben's recovery.
This book should be required reading in schools to help parents and students recognize the dangers of alcohol as a gateway to harsher drugs, a fact often overlooked. Yvonne Pat Wright

Letters to God on a Prodigal Son is a fantastic book to help parents with addicted children cope with everyday life. It takes a lot of prayer and you learn quickly how to walk a tightrope. How high? It gets higher everyday.
I teach 3 recovery classes weekly. I'll be using this book. With God...we're finding 95% success rates, so I'm good with that! I'm happy! Jay Miller

Thank you to all of you who are helping make this a successful launch for God's Kingdom! Anita Estes


  1. This sounds like a book that could help many families.

  2. What a wonderful resource for parents. Love when God uses someones past struggles as the means to help others overcome. Praying many blessings with your launch Anita.