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Saturday, June 4, 2011

An original skit encouraging youngsters to seek God and stay connected to his word is now available at New Christian Books Online Magazine. Called "I Can See God's Word," the skit is derived from the story of the name. It is intended to be used by church and youth groups.

"It is my desire to encourage young people to realize the importance of having a relationship with God," says author Cheryl Rogers. "This story is especially important because it teaches, in a fun way, that Jesus is the Word of God. And Jesus is our Savior. So we need to spend time with him reading and studying his Word."

"I Can See God's Word" is about a young man named Jake who is discovered cheating at school. In the ensuing crisis, Jake pulls out the old worn Bible left to him by his grandpa five years ago. Jake learns the importance of studying the Bible and helping God to help us change.

The skit can be performed with a cast of seven, four chairs, a Bible and a math book, if available. Two roles are non-speaking, another - the grandpa - speaks from behind stage in an old man's voice. The target audience is middle through high schoolers who are to be encouraged to seek God and get serious about their relationship with him.

The skit was adapted from the story "I Can See God's Word," which is part of Cheryl's new book, the I Can See Christian Storybook Treasury. This unique book contains a collection of stories targeting toddlers through teens. Each story deals with the increasingly complex issues of faith that arise as a child grows.

The skit is available for free at

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