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Wakulla Book Review: Wake the Dead by Victoria Buck

Wakulla Book Review
Wake the Dead, by Victoria Buck

Let me begin with a warning—this book ends with lots of unresolved issues, so I don’t know if there’s a sequel coming, or this book is part of a series (it was published in 2014), but be prepared to be left hanging when you finish reading this book.

Remember the thought of cyborgs and a “super human” from “The Terminator”, or robots running the world, as in “I Robot”? Well, in Wake the Dead Chase Sterling, formerly known as Charles Redding, is a host of a game show in the future called “Change Your Life.” With his producer’s help (Kerstin) the show changes peoples’ lives with unimaginable wealth, health, or jobs.

As the story progresses, the government wants to “better” the citizenry through techno-medical advancements. Oh, by the way, a major side effect to these changes would be to be able to monitor and possibly control the lives of anyone who has the technology in his or her body. Who better to introduce society to the greatness of this technology than the trusted game show host Chase Sterling, who has already changed so many lives for the better? Except all doesn’t go according to plan, Chase isn’t exactly the perfect patient, and much like today, some in society are resisting “Big Brother’s” encroachment in their lives. 

As the book progresses, Christians are seen to be part this movement, and a good connection with today’s Underground Church is made. All the latest technology in the headlines is prominent in the book, making for fast paced, exciting reading.

It seems the author is trying to advance a couple themes—one person can make a difference, we always have choices in life, there’s always hope, and good will conquer evil. The author writes for a young adult audience with an underlying caution toward blindly embracing all of the latest technology. It seems that the author also tries to get people to fight for what they know is right.

The thesis of the book appears to be no matter what happens in life, Christ can save us and believers will have eternal life with Him in Heaven. The only somewhat controversial issue addressed in this book is that of genetic engineering and “playing God”” with techno-medical advancements. Ms. Buck’s response it to take caution and let God be God.

I enjoyed the book (although see the first paragraph about the ending). It got me thinking of whom I really trust in the world, my right to privacy, and whether the government has by best interest in mind (I’d say no). I’m with Ms. Buck—I’ll embrace new technology with much caution.

Wake the Dead reviewed by: J. Cupp, Wakulla Book Review



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