Friday, May 8, 2015

John 3:16 Book Review: Gatehaven by Molly Noble Bull

Gatehaven by Molly Noble Bull is a Christian Gothic historical novel set in a haunting mansion in the north of England where Ian Colquhoun and Shannon Aimee battle a Frenchman with dark secrets--spiritual warfare vs. the occult.  Will they learn enough about God’s words to defend themselves and others or will evil overcome them?

February 2015
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I’m not usually much for fiction, but this novel was a real hard-to-put-down cliff-hanger! It had a little bit of everything- history, romance, Christian principles, and lots of suspense. The main character is a rebellious teenager who manages to get herself in so much trouble that only God can rescue her! I highly recommend this story to both teens AND their parents (actually to anyone who wants to read a really good story).

L. Shoshana Rhodes, Author
One Lamb Redeemed
(Shoshana Goldberg)
Coming soon: The Quest for the Lost Foundation

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