Friday, May 22, 2015

John 3:16 Book Book Review - Treasures of Darkness by Trish Jenkins

Treasures of Darkness by Trish Jenkins

This book is my journey, made up of my prison letters, private journal entries of things I couldn't put in letters, and hindsight commentary. I didn't know I was writing a book when I wrote. I just knew I had to record everything, including how I felt and my prayers. I also knew that if my faith had any substance, this was the place it would work. God did not disappoint!

May 2014
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All I can say is: Wow! My husband and I were missionaries on foreign soil many years ago and I’ve wondered how I would deal with being imprisoned. I would hope that I could walk in some of the love, forgiveness, and grace exhibited throughout these pages. We are coming into a time when many in the body of Messiah are finding themselves in similar positions. Anyone who is passionate for Jesus needs to read this book! This book is NOT for cowards (Rev 21:8).

L. Shoshana Rhodes, Author
One Lamb Redeemed
(Shoshana Goldberg)
Coming soon: The Quest for the Lost Foundation

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