Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wakulla Book Review: He Who Has An Ear, by Laura J. Davis

He Who Has an Ear, by Laura J. Davis

 – Book Review by R. Moyer, Inmate, Wakulla Correctional, Wakulla, Florida

I have read a few books on the study of the book of Revelation, not to mention – listened and watched learned men share their “insights” via television and the radio. At best, I came away confused, each man sharing the same text yet translating it differently. My personal view on why this is – is because the Bible sometimes, especially when it comes to prophecy, is vague in nature – or it is as far as our flawed understanding goes. We need look no further than the prophets of old and how men – priests and Pharisees a like – totally missed the true meaning of them, until the actual events took place. And even then, because of pride and tradition, they refused the truth.

Why is this? I believe because prophecy is many times shrouded with symbolism, and also it is spiritual in nature. God, I believe, gives wisdom to be able to unlock those mysteries, and He chooses the ones He gives the wisdom and gifts of interpretation to. Hence, we have a lot of good men with head knowledge, but not gifted in the Spirit.

It is for this very reason the Ms. Davis’ book is such a breath of fresh air. It is not packed full of debateable interpretations, but is a straightforward look at the seven churches, laid out in a way that laymen can come away with understanding. She uses a style of study that makes her every point clear and there is very little need of defining of explaining symbolism.

Ms. Davis is a very loyal and loving Christian. This shines through in her writing. It is not written to prove her point on prophecy, but to equip the believer with the knowledge to prevent them from falling astray from the love of God.

It is for this reason that I highly recommend this book.


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