Friday, January 30, 2015

After Writing A Memoir, How to Convert It to a Power Point and Movie

One of my most popular blog posts and for which I've won an award is "How to Write a Memoir in Twelve Easy Steps."  My idea to write the article came after I wrote my book, "Children of Dreams." After the book was published, I made a presentation to an adoption group. Of course, many people in the audience were either adoptive parents or those wanting to adopt. 

To make my presentation relevant to both groups, I decided to show how my audience could write their own memoir via Power Point. I then later converted the presentation into a movie so it could be watched on the web. But then I forgot about it and never uploaded it. I was looking for something else on my computer and came across the movie. 

I decided to post it here to give readers and those who are writing memoirs an idea of what they can do with their own memoir. It's another way to take your book and and present it to audiences - and hopefully entice people to buy your book after your presentation.

Below is a video I found on youtube that will tell you how to convert your Point Point Presentation into a movie that you can then post on the web, as I have done here.

I always like to find different uses for what I create and share that with readers. Of course, you can also add audio to your movie and make your video even better than I have done here. 

My audience loved this simple presentation and I sold several books afterwards.

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