Friday, July 12, 2013

Fearless Friday with Rose Chandler Johnson!

Meet Rose Chandler Johnson

Twitter: @rechanjo

Rose Chandler Johnson, a Southern girl from a tiny Georgia town, is the author of the popular devotional blog, Write Moments with God. In spite of years of disappointments and overwhelming obstacles, she has grown in her relationship with the Lord and learned how to find Him in the midst of everyday moments. A devoted Christian and mother of six, she has been a French and English teacher over the last twenty years. She likes to take walks, garden, read, and bake.   


God, Me, and Sweet Iced Tea:  Experiencing God in the Midst of Everyday Moments 

Published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas 

 ISBN 978-1-938499-86-9


Rose Johnson’s devotional offers the reader sweet balm and encouragement through wise and thoughtful reflections on God’s grace and provision in the midst of all life can throw at us. Use it as a wonderful way to start the day off right with God’s Word and friendly counsel from a woman whose soul knows. ~ Elizabeth Musser, award winning Christian writer and author of The Swan House
Through honesty and compassion, Rose lets us see into her life and heart so that we can also examine our own heart. As I read these devotions I was sometimes comforted and other times challenged, but always I thought about the person God sees when He sees me. This devotional is simple enough for the newest believer or even someone not sure about God but deep enough to make a life-long Christian feel challenged to go higher. This is a wonderful book and I am thrilled to encourage others to read it and share a copy with friends. ~ Tiffany Colter, author, writer, speaker, writing coach, and mom.

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Your unique talent:  Je parle francais!  I speak French.

Rose, share something not many people know about you: Once I was mugged in Paris, but I held onto my money.  A little French lady intervened.  I got through it with only a bruise on my hip and a broken fingernail.

Are you a “pet person” or prefer no pets?  Once, I had my own little dog, which I adored, and I’d ride around with her in my bicycle basket.  Then I had twins, followed by four more children.  Even though we’ve had a half dozen pets over the years, I’d prefer none.

Would you rather travel or stay at home?  Honestly, I’m a stay at home gal.  When I do travel, I love it, but most of the time I’m content to be home.

Do you read more or write more? I’m still reading more than writing.  It seems I’m always reading at least three books at once, and I have a stack waiting, but I do write some everyday.

Prefer cake or pie? Pound cake. 

Would, or do, ride a motorcycle or prefer to ride/drive a car? Just let me drive a car please.  Although, I’ve ridden a motorcycle many times in my younger days, I don’t think you could get me on one now. 


Bus or taxi or walk? Walk if I can; taxi if it’s from the airport; bus if it’s a daytrip to Chartre or Giverny J

Are you part of a big church congregation or a small church? Small church

Do you like to telephone people or prefer to use e-mail? Prefer email

Are you happy or joyful?  Joyful

Do you eat at home or eat out?  Eat at home most of the time; I’m a good cook.  I enjoy eating out occasionally as well.

Listen to music or prefer quiet? Prefer quiet most of the time

Prefer sunrises or sunsets? Love sunrises, trees, flowers, and all God’s beautiful creation.

Thanks so much for stopping in, Rose, and blessings upon all your work.


  1. Thank you so much for having me Lisa. I appreciate it so much. May God continue to bless your writing as well. As Christian authors we have a ministry to shine light into the darkness of this world. May we be fearless as we walk with Him.

  2. I love this interview, Rose! The questions asked were very unique and give the readers a little more insight into who you are. Very nice!

  3. Lisa does a beautiful job with this and makes it so much fun. Thank you Lisa.