Friday, September 7, 2012


Welcome to Meet and Greet Friday, Jay.

Tell us about yourself.
I am a retired engineer. I am a young man of 107 years. My excellent health comes from clean air living in the High Desert of Southern California.

I have been married to my beautiful wife, Margie, for thirty four years. Together we have seven wonderful children, and thirteen super wonderful grandchildren.

God gives me the opportunity now to bring him into the lives of young children so they will love, and learn about him. My books teach them to have fun reading, while learning to love and respect everyone, and especially all the Critters that God has placed upon this earth.

I am a proud member of John 3:16 Marketing Network, Published Authors, Book Marketing Network, and many other writing and social networks.

I have three self published children’s books on the market. All info, ISBN’s, Book Trailers, Blurbs, Covers, Bio, Reviews, including easily purchase buttons can be found here on my website at

My 2nd book (Sal and Sally) is also available as an app with a storyteller and interactive paint here: #iTunes

Actually this picture (above) was taken a little earlier, but I’m still pretty good looking for an old man! (Not too many people know about that!)

Now on to the survey questions part!

1)      Friendly

2) Dog

3) Home

4) Write

5) Cake

6) Car

7) Walk

8) Big

9) Happy (Some, but not too much Joy left at my age!)

10) Email

11) Both (I like chewing steak, but peanut butter sticks to my teeth!)

12) Music

13) At my age, waking up to a new sunrise is quite nice. (Especially if you don’t see flowers stacked all around you!)

Have a nice day! Remember to give thanks to the Lord!

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  1. What?!?! I had no idea! Jay, I see your name on the listserv and you do many things for the network, but I didn't know that you were (ahem... please pardon my awkwardness) that old! What an inspiration to all of us.