Thursday, August 10, 2017

"The Blue Little Moon," A New Children's Book by Kelssee Colleen

Book Review from Amazon
ByKara U. on July 6, 2017

The author is serious about helping people embrace their gifts and be who they were designed to be. Through delicate prose, author Kelssee Colleen has woven a parable to explain the light cast from the moon, using the story as an allegory for the readers to bridge to their own life experiences. But even those too young to fully grasp the significant of the text will be mesmerized by the cadence of the author’s tone.

Whimsical, elegant and expressive-faced illustrations by Heidi Thompson enhance the story and will appeal to the intended audience—God’s children of all ages. 

Children will identify with the Little Moon as she strays from the role God made her especially for… with little reason or temptation beyond sheer curiosity. The expressions worn by the Little Moon inspire inquisitiveness and empathy in children. However, this book will also make a great gift to a high-school or college-aged young person due to the subdued “Prodigal Son” theme.

To all potential readers: this book is a cozy reminder of the source of the moon’s light on nights when we feel alone in the darkness.

A portion of book sales goes to help with food and medical care for the children at The GEM Foundation in Uganda.


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