Friday, June 9, 2017

New Suspense from Barbara Derksen

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About the Book:
What happens when truth is perverted to suit the circumstances? Christine Smith, owner of Finders Keepers Investigative Services, and Jeremy Goodman, owner of Goodman Investigations, discover the answer when they decide to help a woman recover her children from a Mennonite village in Mexico. Drug running and human trafficking are justified by Elders who place money and control above the people they are supposed to lead. Christine's new faith explores the contradictions in the search for Redemptive Justice.

Lisa's Review:
I like Derksen's passion for her series dealing with the fallen side of humanity. The subjects are not easy ones to deal with, and Derksen does a great job of showing that the best way anyone can see through the depths of evil is with the eyes of Christ. This story I had to try a little harder with as I'm currently involved with a fantastic group of Mennonites who are working on various aspects of our new home. I just can't think of them acting like this, but I know it happens in every culture. I mentally substituted a cult while I read.

I admire Derksen's characters, Christine and Jeremy. Their diligence to seek the truth and find causes to aid in their separate investigation agencies is inspiring. Readers with their hearts on their sleeves for causes to fight for will enjoy this suspenseful tale of rescuing the helpless. Told through multiple viewpoints and distracting constant internal monologue--that's truly my only beef. The description and dialog are great and tell the story just fine.

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