Wednesday, August 13, 2014

God’s Call To Bring Books To the Orphans of Nepal - Child Hope International and John 3:16 Authors Team Up For A Missions Trip in October 2014

Some of the original orphans who grew up in Child Hope homes and are now in college and graduate school

Behind every great adventure for the Kingdom of God is a great story. I want to share with you how the opportunity to bring Christian books to Nepal became a reality.

Ever had a divine meeting with someone? You will read about one here—one God orchestrated that I could not have imagined ahead of time.

Lorilyn Roberts Colorado Springs 2012

Two years ago, I made a trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado, for the annual picnic hosted by Hope’s Promise, the adoption agency I worked through for the adoptions of both of my daughters. Jennifer LeBeau, the social worker who had helped me with my adoption of Joy from Vietnam, was retiring, and I wanted to finally meet her and thank her for all her encouragement and prayers when I was in Vietnam. We had actually never had an opportunity to visit any of the folks at Hope’s Promise, and I felt God leading me to “splurge” and make the trip.  

The night after our arrival in Colorado Springs, unbeknownst to me, Joy uploaded a picture of us to Facebook and labeled our location as Colorado Springs. Silas, who had helped me with my adoption of Manisha from Nepal (before Joy’s adoption from Vietnam), saw the post and contacted me through Facebook. He lives in California and happened to be in Colorado Springs at the same time for a pastor’s meeting. We had not seen each other in over a decade, and the opportunity to connect in Colorado Springs was quite a delightful surprise to both of us. Little did I know this was a divine appointment. Only because of the Facebook post of a photo was the connection made. However, what happened at our luncheon the next day was even more amazing.

As we sat and chatted over lunch in downtown Colorado Springs, Silas lamented, “You know, what we really need for the orphans are Christian books. They have Bibles to read, but no Christian books.”

Silas with Lorilyn Roberts' daughters in Colorado Springs 2012

Silas had no idea I lead a network of over three hundred Christian authors from all over the world. I stared at him and said, without missing a beat, “I can make that happen. I lead a network of Christian authors, and I believe many of them would jump at the opportunity to donate books to start a Christian library in Kathmandu.” As we discussed the idea, we both agreed we would need to start small and grow the idea as more Christians caught on to the vision we had.

We decided to plan a trip specifically dedicated to this project. I would travel with a team from Child Hope International. From that meeting two years ago, the dream is finally being realized. Our goal for the trip in October is to take three hundred books to Nepal.

To explain a little about Child Hope International, Silas Khadka is the executive director of the organization. I met Silas when I traveled to Nepal to adopt Manisha. She was three at the time I adopted her. Silas was working with Hope’s Promise, the adoption agency I worked through, to place orphans in Christian homes in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

1994 Lorilyn in Nepal when she adopted Manisha  (3 years old)

The process of adopting from Nepal is riddled with delays and uncertainty. My adoption was actually the last one Silas did internationally. Later, he and his wife, Bhakti, came up with the idea of intra-national adoption. They began to adopt abandoned children, and as God began to raise up Christian families in Nepal, Silas and Bhakti found other couples who were also willing to adopt orphaned children in-country. They soon developed a program to train and support families in welcoming abandoned children into their homes. Eventually their ministry grew into Child Hope International. 

Orphans who have been adopted into one of the 23 Child Hope International homes

1994, I took this photo of them
Today Silas and his wife and two sons live in San Jose, California, traveling to Nepal a couple of times each year to encourage the families and children supported by CHI.

Orphans who have been adopted into one of the 23 Child Hope International Homes

The books we will be taking to Nepal in October will be shared among the twenty-plus homes where over two hundred abandoned children have been adopted. The books will be used to help the children with learning English, reading, and writing. The books will also encourage the children in their faith and walk with God.

Silas is a former pastor of a church in Kathmandu and the church has property on which to build a Christian library. A library would benefit not only the orphaned children, but college students from the University of Kathmandu would be able to enjoy the benefits as well. We also envision pastors in Nepal being able to check out scholarly Christian books from the library, enabling leaders to grow spiritually without having to travel abroad. With access to great Christian classics and new books by John 3:16 authors, we can make an impact on an entire nation—I truly believe we can make a difference in the lives of many abandoned children.

The best-selling author of the Left Behind Series, Jerry Jenkins, who is a member of the John 3:16 Marketing Network, has offered to donate one copy of every book he has written. Donated books by John 3:16 authors are already arriving in my mailbox.

I plan to leave for Nepal on October 17 (which happens to be my birthday) and return home on October 27. If you would like to contribute financially, we will be taking donations.

I will be offering a personalized signed edition of my book, Children of Dreams, an Adoption Memoir, for donations of $34.99 or more. All donations will go toward the “Nepali Library Project.”

Most important of all, please pray for Silas and myself, as well as the others on the team who will be traveling with us—that all the details will be worked out as God leads.

I believe God has given the John 3:16 Marketing Network a unique opportunity, through Child Hope International to enrich the lives of an entire country with Godly books—Christian worldview books that will touch the heart and soul of the nation one orphan at a time.

Recently someone told me that Nepal is the fastest growing country in the world for Jesus—faster than China! In a country that is poor and trapped in the dark religion of Hinduism, the fields are ripe for a great harvest. I pray that you have caught the vision for what we can do to make a difference in the lives of many abandoned children. Please join with us in bringing books to Nepal. We can bless young minds with the knowledge of Jesus Christ—and stir hearts with good ole fashion stories meant for pure enjoyment.


If you would like more information about the trip in October and/or would like to make a donation, please click here.

The most important part of this opportunity is to pray for the team  and me in particular. I (Lorilyn Roberts) would really appreciate your prayers.


  1. Will you take gently used books? I don't write for children, but I have three now grown girls who probably have things on their shelves they have outgrown.

    1. Yes, absolutely. Gently used books for the kids fine:)

  2. God bless you and Silas on this new adventure! I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. I will keep you in my prayers. What a wonderful work you are doing for the kingdom of God!!!

  4. I'll be praying as you go. I know the joy of those little arms slipping around my neck and clinging on. Much like I envision myself with my beloved Savior.