Wednesday, July 30, 2014

John 3:16 Authors Join Prisoners in Novel Florida Initiative to Boost Reading and Job Skills

    CONTACT:  Chaplain Steve Fox, 850-464-3592,

John 3:16 Authors Join Prisoners in Novel Florida Initiative to Boost Reading and Job Skills

Crawfordville, FL – July 30, 2014 – A new pilot project at the Wakulla Correctional Institute near Tallahassee, Florida, offers a unique opportunity for authors and inmates to connect. The John 3:16 Marketing Network, a Christian network of over three hundred authors, has agreed to donate ten to fifteen books each month on an ongoing basis to restock the prison’s old, outdated library.

“Most of the books have been read multiple times by prisoners,” says Chaplain Steve Fox. “When author Lorilyn Roberts approached me with the idea of sharing books with inmates in exchange for book reviews, I thought it was a great opportunity.”

Lorilyn Roberts, founder of the John 3:16 Marketing Network, concurs. “I was thrilled to make the connection with Chaplain Steve and pursue the already expressed desire of our John 3:16 authors to get books into prisons. Our Christian authors write in all fiction genres as well as nonfiction. Prisoners will be introduced to fresh, new voices in the literary world with recently published books just waiting to be read.”

Chaplain Steve adds, “Reading takes the prisoners on a journey out of their cell into an undiscovered world. Knowing the author will personally receive each inmate’s book review will help with prisoners’ self-esteem and encourage personal growth in character. Writing book reviews will also promote job skills for inmates for when they are released from prison.”

The first shipment of books arrived on Monday, July 28. “If this pilot project is successful,” says Chaplain Steve, “I expect other prisons in Florida to implement a similar program. It truly is a win-win opportunity for both authors and inmates.”

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CONTACT: Chaplain Steve Fox,, 850-464-3592
CONTACT: Lorilyn Roberts,, 352-338-6012


  1. I feel privileged to be part of this pilot project! I pray the inmates enjoy the books.

  2. Love this!! What a wonderful way to connect and make an impact.