Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Showcasing Lisa Hainline's Creativity of Book Mock-Ups

Lisa Hainline and I have been working on the book cover for my next book "The King" in the Seventh Dimension Fantasy Series. She actually had already done the cover, but as I was writing, I realized I would have to divide the "The King" into two books. 

It's now going to be "The King - Book One" and the "The King - Book Two." We are still working on the  cover for book one. 

Lisa sent me some mock-ups for ideas, and they were so good I wanted to share them. I won't be using them, so if one strikes your fancy, let her know. You can visit her website for more ideas at:


  1. They really show more about what is possible with STOCK IMAGES verses needing a custom illustration costing hundreds of dollars. Fantasy and fiction is extremely hard to do with stock images so be prepared to pay a hefty price for originality to an original story.
    Lisa Hainline

  2. I just want to add that Lisa is wonderful to work with and was originally recommended to me by Jerry Jenkins. So don't be shy. She would love to hear from you.