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Fearless Friday - the prolific Kimberley Payne returns!

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Kimberley Payne

Kimberley Payne is a former college teacher and lover of Jesus and Mr. Sketch scented markers. She combines her teaching experience and her love of writing to create educational materials for children. Kimberley lives in a village east of Toronto, Ontario Canada where she hikes the trails and writes about family, fitness and faith.

Children’s Books

Trees of the Book – Learning From God’s Creation

Trees of the Book is a 26 page children’s activity book, #1 in the Science & Faith Matters Series. It explores the trees discussed in the Bible in a way that is both fun and informative for children ages 7-9. 
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What people are saying about Trees of the Book:
Deb Elkink, former home educator and assistant editor of HSLDA’s Court Report and Communique, says “Fascinating subject – I would have purchased this book when I was homeschooling my kids years ago.”

Julie Connolly, Separate School Librarian, says, “Activities are fun, challenging and age appropriate.”

Kate Winn, teacher in a Catholic school says, “It’s a nice supplement to our study on plant life.”



Night Stories

Night Stories is a collection of eight devotionals about the dreams that I have had and what I felt the Lord told me through them.
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Where Fitness Meets Faith

Where Fitness Meets Faith is a fresh, insightful collection of devotional articles with reflections about the similarities between the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and building a relationship with God.

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Where Family Meets Faith

Where Family Meets Faith is written and compiled especially for families. It is a collection of devotionals that show the similarities between the challenges of raising a family and building a relationship with God.

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Where Life Meets Faith

Where Life Meets Faith is a collection of devotional articles, which explore the challenges of living life and building a relationship with God.
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Fit for Faith – 7 weeks to improved spiritual & physical health

Fit for Faith is a 7-week program designed to strengthen the believer’s Christian walk. It’s a motivational tool to empower women to improve their physical health to live balanced, whole and joyous lives that glorify God.
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Women of Strength – a devotional to improve spiritual & physical health

Women of Strength is the perfect companion for your health program. Each season is further divided into 6 sections that include an inspirational devotional, a fact on common health and fitness questions, a reflection, a prayer, a Bible verse, and an energizing exercise.
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Tooth for Tooth

Tooth for Tooth novella. Dumped into single parenthood, Heather Williams has found a part-time job as a dental receptionist and a cozy apartment with her four-year-old daughter. Life finally looks safe and secure until her daughter reveals a terrifying secret that she’s been molested by her own father. While struggling with her feelings towards her new boss, Heather tries to get the help her daughter needs, navigate the court system, and protect the child from further harm.
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Your unique talent:

I’m really good at spotting loose change on the ground.

Share something not many people know about you:

I still have baby teeth with no permanent teeth coming behind them. I’m just a kid at heart!

Are you a “pet person” or prefer no pets?

I love all animals! Actually, my next children’s book will be about animals from the Bible.

Would you rather travel or stay at home?

I like to stay at home, although if it’s a vacation to a sunny all-inclusive spot, I won’t say no.

Do you read more or write more?

I love to read. I’ve been alternating between reading on my e-reader and reading “real” books.

Prefer cake or pie?

If I have to pick, I’ll choose cake over pie. But I won’t turn down either.

Would, or do, ride a motorcycle or prefer to ride/drive a car?

I’d love to learn to drive a three-wheeler motorbike and ride across Canada with my hubby.

Bus or taxi or walk?

If it’s not too far, I prefer to walk. I enjoyed living in a small town where I could walk to all the stores downtown.

Are you part of a big church congregation or a small church?

I live in a small village and attend a small church with only about 150 members. It’s nice to know everyone’s name.

Do you like to telephone people or prefer to use e-mail?

I like Skype to talk to relatives who live in Holland, and texting to keep in touch with friends and family. I’m not big on the phone.

Are you happy or joyful?

I’d say that I have my happy moments but I have joy deep down all the time.

Do you eat at home or eat out?

I try to eat at home, although I’ve found that hubby and I have been going out to eat much more lately.

Listen to music or prefer quiet?

Love to listen to music when I’m at my computer and at work. Otherwise, I prefer the quiet.

Prefer sunrises or sunsets?

Both, but find it hard to be up early enough to watch the sunrise.

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