Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And the Winners Are....


Shout Outs on the Rafflecopter About Out New Site, Designed by Our Own Joseph Young, Free Books, PRIZES, and Monthly Great Books Being Launched!

Sounds like a great site!
-- Brittany McEuen

Sounds like this venture has a bright future!
-- Sandy Salsbury

Thanks for giving us this opportunity!!  I love the chance to see the latest books, let alone the contests!!
-- Midgie E. Bardo

Wow! Awesome site!
-- Leisa Sonnenberg Schirmer

Winning a kindle would be the only way I get one, lol.
-- Eileen Bartschenfeld

Great give away
-- Matthew Kratz

I'm excited for my daughter to read Seventh Dimension!
-- Becca Carroll

love being able to read quality Christian books.  Thank you!
-- Lori McCartney Ritchey


Using Random.org, the following people are winners!


Kelly Gowens

$50 Amazon Gift Card

Amanda Stephan

$10 Starbucks Card

Matthew Kratz

Make sure you bookmark our new launch site at http://John316MarketingNetwork.com
A launch every month. John 3:16 Authors aren’t eligible to win a Kindle but are eligible to win any other prizes, including a free book launch!