Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trees Walking: An Ebook Sharing Biblical Truth on Forgiveness

A new ebook shares the biblical truths that make it easier to truly love and forgive others. Entitled Trees Walking: A Guide to Truly Loving and Forgiving Others ... and Ourselves, the ebook is based on Mark  8: 22-26, the story about a blind man who was given sight by Jesus.

God used that particular Scripture to give spiritual sight to author Cheryl Rogers back in 1998. He now is calling her to share the story with others so they, too, may walk in greater freedom to love.

"One day I was in church and the word went forth -- it definitely did not go forth void. I received a new understanding about people -- and my circumstances," Rogers says.

The ebook is free because she believes God wants it to be.

"I have received freely and so I must freely give away this one," she says.

The ebook can be downloaded in PDF format at the New Christian Books Online Store.

Rogers writes both fiction and nonfiction for all age groups to encourage them to seek God and stay connected to his word. She recently launched a Bible Camp Mystery series targeting preteens and teens with the biblical path to salvation and other biblical lifestyle principles.

The first book in the series, Lost in the Woods: A Bible Camp Mystery, is about a 13-year-old boy who disappears in the Florida backwoods.

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  1. For trees that DON'T walk but do bear fruit: Google FIRST SCANDAL. Then click on THE FIRST SCANDAL at the top of the page.