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Wakulla Book Reviews: The Last Train at Sunset by Pearl Nsiah-Kumi

 Title - The Last Train at Sunset
 2 Reviews from Wakulla prison

This book explains in very easy to read and understand language. How you can receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? It quotes a lot of key Scriptures from the Holy Bible to further clearly the truth of what’s written.

The second half of the book tells you how to walk and grow as a believer in Christ. It uses Scriptures beautifully to walk a new believer through the foundational beliefs.

The author’s purpose is very clear. How to receive eternal life and how to grow in the faith.

I loved every page of this book. The topic is controversial to anyone who refuses to believe the truth of God’s holy Word that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one will enter heaven except through Him.

 The main thing I liked about how this book was written, was Pearl kept it simple, and used easy to understand words. Even a grade school child could pick up this book and be able to read and understand it, and maybe come to understand and accept Jesus Christ as their own Lord, God, King, and Savior.

 Thank you for writing this book.

                                                      Leon, (11-3-2014)

                                                      A brother in Christ.  


This book speaks the truth, the Word of God, Scriptures from the Bible. This book is pretty much for anyone, the unsaved, babes in Christ, even mature Christians.

It starts off with “the invitation” the way to receive salvation, and then there’s the “Christian walk” where a lot can be learned, especially if you search the Scriptures she puts in the book, and there are many.

As I read, I came across a lot of Scriptures that I forget to make active in my life. It would be a great devotional to read daily to remember where you stand if you can’t read the Bible every day. There are certain sections I would like to read and remind myself on how I should behave on a daily basis, because at times I can let it slide based on my emotions, or the day I am having, or some people in certain situations.

                                                      Keith (9-29-2014)

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Pearl is a retired registered nurse, and a Christian author.  She came to the United States from Ghana, West Africa. She has lived in Maryland for over forty years. Pearl has three children, a son in-law, and four grandchildren. She loves to write poetry and short articles based on Scripture.  She has authored three books "Get On Board and Stay On Board," "The Last Train at Sunset," and "Time Is Running Out."  These books contain salvation messages, and messages about the Christian walk.  They are suitable for devotionals and also helpful in witnessing. 

They are all available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and also on her
Website: pearlkumi.weebly.com

Pearl is also a Volunteer Counselor at a local Crisis Pregnancy Clinic.


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