Friday, October 5, 2012

Meet Jackie Macgirvin

Jackie Macgirvin is an award winning author and (holy) ghost writer. She is 54 years young and resides in Kansas City, Missouri where, to her dismay, she is watching every green thing turn brown because of the drought.
Jackie shares about two books

Novel: The Designer Bag at the Garbage Dump

ISBN: 13:978-0-7684-4145-1

DesignerBag.TV - my brief comments about the book

Book Blurb: It’s a Wonderful Life meets The Shack

Julie, a self-centered, nominal “Christian," headed for a weekend shopping binge finds her charmed life shattered when she sits with Jesus on a train to New York. When she gets off she’s in India. Her divine assignment? Care for 11 “filthy orphans” living on a dump before she can return home.

Can she protect them from a predator who steals and maims children and sends them out to beg? How will God provide food when her wallet is stolen? Can she find safe homes for the children? As she rescues them will they rescue her from her stone cold heart?

The answers to these questions will also be the answers to many of your questions about God, life and yourself. Pick up a copy of The Designer Bag at the Garbage Dump and jump into a great adventure!

Angels of Humility
ISNB: 10: 0-7684-3625-7
Book Blurb: Look into the spirit realm where angels and demons interact with two average Christians:
Fresh out of seminary and pastoring his first church, Paul is full of zeal. The question is . . . zeal for what? As he chases affirmation and prestige following demonic coaxing, his guardian angel fights back.
Sarah Edwards is a new church member and a recent widow, just saved at age 71. Will she triumph over the demons Discouragement, Depression, Loneliness and Suicide who attack after her husband’s death? Sarah has strong spiritual giftings but through several unfortunate misunderstandings, Paul writes her off as an eccentric who hears voices, causing her further isolation.
By watching Sarah and Paul you will understand the strategies and schemes of the enemy against you and what weapons Jesus has already provided for your defense.

Special talent: I taught myself to walk on stilts as a youngster--tall ones and short ones. I never mastered one of each at the same time (I only tried it once and the results were so unpalatable I rapidly gave up!)
What’s something not many people know about you?
I've always loved humor and my first article for publication was called My Car is Driving Me Crazy. It chronicled the demise of my car. I was a single mom and my unreliable, stubborn car constantly broke down and left my son and I stranded. That article was my attempt to make lemon aid out of lemons and it's what got me started writing. I'm a self taught writer with no English or Journalism degrees.
Now, for our little fun survey:
Pets/no pets: had to put my Australian Shepherd. Rex, down in February after 11 years. I miss his rooting snoot coming up on my bed in the morning and his whole body wiggling to greet me.
Home/travel: My dad worked for TWA when I was growing up. I miss those inexpensive travel passes we got and there's still plenty of the world I'd love to see--like the fiords of Norway. Anyone been there?
Write more/read more: During this season I'm reading more than I'm writing. I'm turning The Designer Bag at the Garbage Dump into a screenplay and it's so different. I've completed it but I'm at a loss to know how to improve it. I'm reading a lot while I'm waiting for feedback. (I'm getting a lot of free books from Free and bargain books for Kindle, Nook, and more. Check it out.)
Cake/pie: Hmmm. How cruel to make one choose? I love fruit pies but two years ago my son asked me to make his wedding cake. Then I started watching cake shows on TV, then I picked up a copy of The Cake Mix Doctor which has about a hundred cakes that all start as a mix but have added ingredients. It's convenient but doesn't taste like it's from a box. I love it!
Motorcycle/car: Car, I'm a wimp.
Bus/walk: Walk, not a total wimp.
Big church/small church: Small church, for the fellowship. I'm too introverted to meet many people at a large church.
Happy/joyful: Unsure. I'm in a hard season now. My husband moved out and filed for divorce.
Phone/email: E-mail. I always sound better when I can edit myself!
Eat home or eat out? I rarely eat out because I am a total tightwad!
Sunrises or sunsets? I'm usually not out of bed for sunrises, but I'm still up for the sunsets.
Favorite quote: Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. Maria Robin
Favorite hobby: I love garage sales and thrift stores.

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