Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jamaican Author Yvonne Pat Wright Writes Gold Medal Winning Book Spice to Eternity – Help Her Bolt It to the Best-Seller List on August 21 on Amazon!

From “Spice to Eternity” is one of the most fascinating books I have read in a long time. The subtitle, Discovering the Main Ingredient to a Life of Fulfillment and Purpose, is aptly titled. One of the senses less often thought about in our relationship with Jesus and the heavenly Father is taste. In Spice to Eternity—part memoir, part inspirational, part cooking, and part educational—Yvonne Pat Wright captures this ingredient in an enjoyable journey through her life of cooking and spiritual enlightenment.

How much do you know about spices? You won’t look at cinnamon and cumin and dozens more spices the same way again!

Here is a “taste” of From Spice to Eternity about Vanilla from chapter one “Incomparable Love”:

“Vanilla: What a flavor! It is probably the most exotic of all the spices, and this is no wonder, as the vanilla beans are the pods of the tropical orchid plant Vanilla Planifolia. Vanilla is called ‘The spice of love.’…like the long process of curing vanilla, love affairs –especially those that endure—develop over a long time, the longer the process, the more precious the love that ensues.”

Chapter titles include “Joy Fulfilled,” “Fiery Trials” (guess what spice is highlighted in this chapter), “Made Brand New,” and “He Gave His Life.”

Have you ever wondered what spice would symbolize honor? It’s in one of the chapters I listed above.

I can’t say enough good things about this book.  On Tuesday, August 21, Yvonne Pat Wright will be launching Spice to Eternity on Amazon. If you purchase her book on that day, you will receive many free eBooks/gifts. The books are a secret, but I will share one now— the John 3:16’s highly touted Taste and See book featuring over 60 authors (533 pages). Check back here on Tuesday for the link.

About Yvonne Pat Wright

Yvonne Pat Wright, in happy retirement, enjoys reading, in several genres, but finds it hard to accept obscenity and accept it as standard author’s license.  A devout Christian she teaches in church and is a trained lay preacher. Born in Kingston, Jamaica she has spent equal number of years living alternatively in Jamaica and the United Kingdom. She’s won the hearts of daughters, grandsons and nieces and several ‘adopteds’ with her hearty home cooked meals, delicately spiced and served up with healthy doses of the value of Christian living. She is particularly pleased to have been ‘mother’ to a very famous singing family, the Jackson Five.


  1. What a captivating review! I was hooked and wanted more of the book as i read this review and am so intrigued by the spices connection to life! I love vanilla bean ice cream ;-) I know why!

    Honor...hmmm. Fiery Trials perhaps?

  2. Excellent Review after having already read the book myself, well done, Lorilyn.

    Sana Edoja

  3. What a great review for a great book! I loved Yvonne's book and I'm planning to order several copies on her launch day to give as Christmas gifts to friends.

  4. Very nice post. It's a pleasure knowing Yvonne.


    Tom Blubaugh, Author
    Night of the Cossack

  5. Great review and background about Yvonne and her book! We're all behind you Yvonne! I will be spreading the word about the launch.